Founder, Baugarten: The World-Building Computer Game for STEM Formulas

Founded and created a first prototype for a world-building computer game that teaches the formulas of STEM (Science, Technology and Math). Baugarten’s central question is, how do we link kids’ natural curiosity to the intrinsic excitement of learning formulas, starting with algebra and geometry? How do we turn math education into an experience discovering the power of formulas to shape the world around you? Read more


Freelance Software Developer

Developed software freelance using Ruby on Rails for a number of Berlin's largest startups, including Helpling, FinLeap and Movinga.


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Software Developer, Blacklane GmbH, Berlin, Germany

Solved tickets on client-facing core Rails application. Built user features and wrote rake scripts tov interact with our Contentful API. "Firefighter" once a month to solve crucial bugs. Participated in Agile / Scrum team and organised team offsite BBQ to reflect on our challenges as a team.

Blacklane is a Daimler-backed transportation startup similar to Uber, focusing on chaffeur services.


Found & Sold Student Reviews Platform, RateMyStudyAbroad - Leyte Island, Philippines & Colorado

Founded, raised funds, managed developers and designers, and led sales to create independent study abroad site with 5,000+ student reviews. Forged strategic partnership with, the largest abroad directory in the world. Moved to GoAbroad's Philippines office for 7 months over 2 years to lead team of seven Filipino PHP Symfony developers and designers. Managed three-person sales team in our Colorado headquarters. Led creation of 2-year project to build and successfully sell 'MyEvaluator' student review content management tool for abroad offices. Drove our marketing bus across North America (from Alaska to Alabama) to sell review software product to universities and abroad programs in-person. Read More.


Manager, Gordon Ramsay-Featured Restaurant, Baltimore

Managed restaurant, waited tables, ran food, washed dishes, barbacked and bartended at Baltimore's famous "Cafe Hon" restaurant, featured at the time in Gordon Ramsay's Kitchen Nightmares


Philosophy Year, Self-Study Project

I committed one year of my life to studying Greek and Roman philosophy, beginning with the Pre-Socratics, Plato and Aristotle. Waited tables and bartender in the evening to fund my self-study project


Account Executive, Mimeo, New York, NY

80 phone calls per day articulating and selling New York, NY based's online print and logistics solution


Intern, The White House, D.C.

Presidential Personnel: Candidate Research for major government staff. Attended West Wing staff meetings. Took phone calls, escorted candidates, prepared resume summary documents. Presidential Personnel advises the president on cabinet and other senior staff personnel decisions


USS Robert C. Seamans Tall Ship Deckhand, Oceanographic Researcher

Trained for a summer in Woods Hole, MA in tall ship sailing.

Sailed aboard the 120 foot Robert. C. Seamans as a deckhand, learning under Coast Guard officers, from Hawaii to California. Also worked as an oceanographic research student, studying a form of plankton known as diatoms


Student, Universität Würzburg, Bavaria, Germany

Business and Economics


Intern, DPP - Democratic Progressive Party, Tapei, Taiwan

Assisted with visits from foreign press, representatives and scholars. Overhauled and reformatted English newsletter for governing party of the Republic of China.


Student, Middlebury College Chinese Language School

3 Month Full Immersion in Mandarin Chinese


Academic Fellowships

DAAD - Deutsche Akademische Austausch Dienst (German Academic Exchange Service) Fellow, 2005-2006

Freeman Foundation, Asia Grants - 2004 and 2005

2004, 2005

Student, Davidson College

BA, Liberal Arts
Major, English
Minor, Economics

Honor Council, Student Solicitor 2006-2007


Student, St. Paul's School

Founder, The Noisy Bird Student Newspaper


Broccoli Harvester, Gyldensteen Estates, Denmark

Cut broccoli in broccoli fields. Gyldensteen is one of the largest agricultural producers in Denmark


Born On A Farm

On the Eastern Shore of Maryland, United States